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All the services which Huckle’s Consulting offers are very much connected.
Starting with the surveys or healthchecks, a company can quickly and thoroughly scan its strengths and weaknesses. To further explore the implications of the healthcheck, workshops can be facilitated.
From the results of the surveys and workshops, a process can be designed to plan an approach for improvement.
The process guided through project management is using experience to ensure successful execution of the process. While all these services are linked/connected, Huckle’s Consulting can be hired for a specific task or challenge, using its broad knowledge and experience to solve the task at hand, and offer a fresh approach.



Business Line:
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With over 28 years of experience with Royal Philips Electronics, a Global Electronics Company with turnover of over €30BN, in Operational & Management Experience across the Value Chain.
Developed and patented the tools for Forecasting & System tracking used by Philips Semiconductors Business.
Faced with a lack of consistency and understanding of the market, Simon personally developed the methodology & tools which have been used for the last 10 years for their forecasting, design win tracking and annual budgeting.


By bringing proven Methodologies/tools to assess your organizational and employees competence, in the domain of Sales, Marketing, Product and Technical Support.

Use proven solutions to solve identified problems, or work with you to develop "own, bespoke" solutions.

Ensure you are using "Consumer insights" effectively to move from product driven to market driven.