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What can Huckle’s Consulting do for you?

Huckle’s Consulting helps you to achieve your best.
Understanding what you want ensures that we meet your requirements.

This can include:

  • Surveys
  • Workshop Facilitation
  • Process Design
  • Project Management

If you require any further information, then please contact us.



Sales and Marketing HealthCheck

Huckles’s Consulting can offer a health check which will allow you to assess the current state of your Marketing and Sales activities, both people and process and if necessary advise on/work with you to develop improvements/solutions to any areas of weakness identified.

The Healthcheck is consistent with the EFQM assessment process and Simon Huckle in a past life, an EFQM assessor can support you through your challenges.

Simon Huckle is a co-author of the tools supplied to the EFQM by Philips, which are available as premium content to EFQM member organisations.

The "scoring" from the health check are calibrated against the EFQM scoring methodology and whether you are aiming for overall business excellence or specifically focusing on your sales and marketing, you have the option to benchmark yourself against the industry standard.

Simon Huckle has assessed many organisations and businesses around the world, bringing together, cross functional teams from across the value chain to help them assess their expertise in Marketing and Sales. Within Philips he developed improvement projects specifically to improve the Sales and Marketing activity both in terms of tools, training and people, resulting in an improved ability to consistently meet the market needs.

Introductory Offer/Taster:

A full assessment takes about 1.5 days and requires significant preparation by you to ensure that the evidence is available and that a good cross functional team is assembled. However, if you want to know more, the best way, is to experience the process.

So, Huckle’s Consulting has developed an introductory programme, which is a cut down version of the full package, which will allow you to receive an introduction to the process, the opportunity for you to assess a couple of elements from the overall assessment up to pre- bronze level and to ask questions of the author.

The overall time taken is flexible, but three hours minimum, longer is preferable.

The result of this assessment are not lost, they can be built on, be used immediately and re-used if you decide to take advantage of a full assessment.

If you would like further information, then please contact us.

For further information on the EFQM: http://www.efqm.org

Workshop Facilitation


5 elements make for a successfully facilitated meeting or workshop:

  • Why are we holding this meeting?
  • What do we want to have when we are finished?
  • Who will be attending the session, why and what do thjey bring with them?
  • What issues are likely and what do we need to do?
  • How will we plan for success? where, when etc…

There are many ways to ensure a successful meeting, but experience shows that if one person tries to manage both the content and the process that it is unlikely to be as successful. The more people, the more diverse the views, different cultural backgrounds all add to the complexity.

Huckle’s Consulting:

  • will develop the objective with you and propose a programme
  • will manage the agreed programme and process for the desired outcome
  • leaving you to concentrate on the content

For Further information on Facilitator methodologies: http://www.iaf-methods.org/

Process Design

Process Management and Process Improvement is the core of any organisation that is required to offer repeatable and auditable actions.

The can be as simple as ensuring that everybody knows what they are meant to do, or as complex to ensure that complex organisation work ethically and honestly together. Any quality framework from ISO9000 onwards and including the EFQM Business excellence model require process to be transparent, owned and consistent.

By examining, managing and improving processes you really can expect significant improvements.

The transparency and clarity of a process can ensure that the big picture is shared across an organisation and that clear ownership for deliverables can be defined, so ensuring efficient and effective use of resources.

Huckle’s Consulting will work with you to make an:

  • analysis of Requirements Desired State
  • Analysis of Current Processes, As Is
  • Analysis of Future Processes, To Be
  • Planning and execution of identified improvements. Implementation

Project Management

Many of the activities which Huckle’s Consulting will develop with you, will result in easily managed improvement actions which can be taken on by yourselves internally and along side your current role. However, in some cases the size of the project or the focus required, demands specific attention and in these cases.

Huckle’s Consulting can:

  • Develop with you the required outcome you desire
  • Plan the programme with you, based on resources and budget agreed
  • Execute according to this plan
  • Whilst ensuring that you are fully involved in the progress and any critical issues

For information on Project Management: http://www.businessballs.com/project.htm

What can Huckle’s Consulting do for you?

If you have identified a problem, or have assessed your organization for Business excellence, or just think or feel you could/should do things better, then:

Huckle can:

Bring proven Methodologies/tools to assess your organizational and employees competence, in the domain of Sales, Marketing, Product and Technical Support.
Use proven solutions to solve identified problems, or work with you to develop "own, bespoke" solutions.
Ensure you are using "Consumer insights" effectively to move from product driven to market driven.


What is Huckle’s Consulting
Founded by Simon Huckle - ex-Director of Philips

..with over 28 years of experience with Royal Philips Electronics

  • Global Electronics Company with turnover of over €30BN

..and Operational & Management Experience across the Value Chain

  • Research & Development
  • Application Engineering (Lab & Field)
  • Sales & Key Account Management
  • European Sales & Distribution Management
  • Product & Program Management
  • Marketing & Business Development
  • Strategic Marketing & Portfolio Management
  • Process & Competence Development (Organizational/Individual)

..having International experience

  • Lived and worked in the Netherlands
  • Worked in Global Roles for Philips (Semiconductors & Corporate)
  • Spent considerable working time in the Central Europe, USA & Asia

..developing a Broad skill set

  • Self-starting and results-oriented
  • Creative with very strong analytical/modeling skills
  • Customer and quality oriented
  • Culturally aware
  • Excellent communication, negotiating and presentation skills
  • Very innovative, with a solid business sense and technical background


  • Research, Development & Application Engineering
  • Electronics Engineer by training
  • Analogue, Digital & Software Design
  • Project Management
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Operational Sales & Marketing at regional (Europe) level
  • Product marketing - Global, Netherlands based
  • Strategic marketing – Global for all business B2B, B2C
  • Different business models – Components, System, Solution
  • End User Insights
  • Customer facing experiences
  • Design & Application
  • Sales & Account management
  • Distribution Management at CEO level
  • Product Creation & Delivery

  • Process, Quality & Learning
  • Developed Marketing Processes, templates to run business
  • Developed, managed & audited processes
  • Followed EQFM audit training & have audited
  • Developed "Eco" system
  • Developed Partner Program
  • Developed and gave training for "Science to Art’ of marketing
  • Developed Integral Road mapping framework
  • Competency development, assessment and management
  • Tool development to support assessment/process requirements
  • Alumni Ashridge Management School

  • For more information on Ashridge http://www.ashridge.org.uk/


Heavily involved in the beginning of Digital Data Systems

  • Worked on cable TV designs for the American market
  • Worked on the design of 1st generation chips of Teletext chips
  • Involved on the forefront of test methodologies for production
  • Worked on early microprocessor/controller designs (1976+)
  • Worked on many patented designs

Significantly grew our share of the distribution market

  • Whilst re-organizing our approach to distribution
  • Changing our focus from commodity to design

Developed and patented the tools for Forecasting & System tracking the Semiconductors Business

  • Faced with lack of consistency and understanding of the market, personally developed the methodology & tools which have been used for the last 10 years for our forecasting, design win tracking and budgeting
  • Key Accomplishments

Drove the program to make Philips Semiconductors a market driven company

  • Worked in team to develop the marketing framework and tools, then assessed organization and people, identifying key area’s for improvement, for individual & organizations
  • Managed these significant projects to a conclusion
  • Created Marketing Strategy & Planning Process
  • Assessment Model now used by EQFM

Developed the Competency Framework for Sales, Marketing & Technical Support for Philips Corporate & Semiconductors

  • Worked in corporate team to develop Sales & Marketing Competences. Deployed these into organization
  • Project Managed team to develop competencies for Technical Support in Semiconductors, developed assessment tools, assessed community and created development plans